About Sabrina

I grew up with a crayon, pen or paintbrush in one hand and paper, or anything relatively similar in the other…you see, my Mom is a painter, so it was only natural for me to explore all those amazing colors and materials in her studio. Needless to say, it was a marvelous way to grow! After all these years, the fascination for colors, forms, materials, what you can create with them…has remained intact, and the creative process involved, one of the most fulfilling experiences.

As an Architect and Graphic Designer trained in South America, I’ve being using my background in several creative endeavors since I moved to Virginia, 8 years ago. From working in residential projects with builders and engineers, to actively participating in art exhibits as part of VA Hispanic Women in The Arts.

Eventually, I took some time to prepare for the arrival of my first child and naturally, I wanted to make the spaces around us as beautiful, welcoming and healthy as possible…one thing led to another and well, that’s how Creamundos was born!